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01.Online business startup consultancy

With the growing use of internet and online applications in Iran, the internet has become one of the most suitable platforms on which a business can be developed. Based on the valuable experiences of starting and promoting different e-commerce businesses in Iran, and by knowing Iranian people’s behavior in the online world, our agency, Avijeh, can help you intelligently start and grow your online business.

02.Designing and managing online marketing plan

Any marketing system needs a strategic plan to achieve its desired goal. Online marketing is not an exception. Designing and managing an online marketing plan is not only necessary for a desired feedback, it also significantly reduces the time and cost.

03.Online market research

Knowing the market for your products or services is necessary for having a strategic plan. Each product or service can be targeted for a specific class of the society or even a specific geographical region. Online market research helps us to identify your potential customers in Iran and propose the best method to attract them.

To investment companies

Following the recent agreements between Iran and the western world and the lifting of the sanctions, many investment companies have entered or are willing to enter Iran’s investment market. One of the biggest challenges for international businesses is the lack of access to decent statistical resources in order to design their business roadmap, know their competitors and the behavior of their target market. The only options for such companies are expensive research, analysis and trial and error.

On the other hand, most “Digital Marketing Agencies” or “Online Marketing Agencies” in Iran are really “Digital (Online) Media Agencies”. Their business plans and designs lead you to buy their online media whether or not you want them. Their main approach is to take full advantage of their online media.

Avijeh, based on its technical knowledge and valuable experiences of working with the most of the biggest online Iranian and international businesses, is ready to propose consultancy and executional solutions in every step of your business; from registering your company, recruitment and online market research to online marketing plan.

investment companies

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SEO (Professional SEO services)
content marketing
Content Marketing (Professional content creation)
mobile marketing
Mobile Marketing (Mobile and application marketing)
social media marketing
Social Media Marketing (Social network marketing and management)

Best Solutions For Your Business

Satisfy Your Needs

Social media

Nowadays, in order to raise awareness or promote a product or service of a brand, we need to develop an integrated strategy based on the social networks as an important and a key medium.

Optimal pinning in Google maps

by efficiently pinning your business in Google maps, your customers can find you near themselves on the map!

Email campaign planning

correct email marketing strategy, along with access to classified Iranian audience database, can guaranty your success in this field through beautiful and attractive graphical design.

Online advertisement campaign

business without advertisement is like wearing fine clothing in darkness! Supported by our experiences in such affairs, we deliver executional and professional consultancy in this field.

Creating textual and visual content

companies and organizations are aware of the important effect of creating and publishing decent content for their websites and social media on their marketing and branding. Avijeh’s content creation team will free you from content creation and publication concerns.

SEO or regional website optimization

search engines are able to rank websites based on the geographical location of the user. By regionally optimizing your website, your local customers can find you easily!

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