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About Avijeh Digital Marketing AgencyAbout Avijeh Digital Marketing Agency

Get To Know About Us

Avijeh has begun its official activity in 2013 with its young, professional staff under the name of “Vira Kavan Avijeh”.

We provide organizations with professional digital marketing solutions such as SEO and website optimization, social network management, content creation, optimization and marketing, online market research, and designing and developing mobile applications.

Our effective solutions and experiences help organizations achieve extraordinary results in their field of activity, at a low cost. We offer our services according to the needs of the organizations to efficiently improve their relationship with their Iranian audience.

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Our Mission

We encourage every team member to be a whole person. We have a flexible, high trust environment that is focused on doing great work. We’re growing and moving at a fast pace, so everyone has the chance to work on exciting projects and try new things. You'll get to solve problems and deliver in a big way.

Our Vision

We want to be the leading digital marketing agency in MENA, We set our sights high and want to have a significant impact on the people we reach, as we have plans for improvements and expansion.

Our Philosophy

Learning and Growth. We’re building a learning organization, so you not only develop your craft but your ability to partner with others and be a strong team member. We know that building a high trust, high performance company takes grit. So, we stay connected and approach each challenge together.

Our Story

How It All Begin!

we’re Avijeh, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Tehran. Founded by Babak Bonyadi in 2013, our brand promise is simple: to provide powerful digital marketing solutions to small and medium businesses that are looking to build success online.

Who we are?

A small team of a very talented people with digital marketing roots as far back as the 90’s. Individually good and collectively great!

Why we do it?

Passion and love for developing. We are obsess over every detail. From making the user interface easy to providing the latest marketing data.

What we do?

Produce a quality marketing application to make it easier for agencies to run their business and provide reports to their clients.

Whats Our Values?

We set our sights high and want to have a significant impact on the people we reach. We are in a cutting-edge space and have plans for improvements.

Avijeh enterprise SEO and content marketing platform provides competitive insight and market analysis no one can duplicate.