Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Today the use of cellphones is increasingly high across the world, and most people are using smartphones which sport many more sophisticated features than calling and messaging. In our country the use of smartphones and mobile internet is also on the rise, and the internet consumption through phones is about to take the lead against the consumption of personal computers. This has led to the emergence of a new form of online marketing called “the mobile marketing”.

Mobile marketing provides businesses with wide variety of features and new aspects of marketing. Smartphone is a mobile device which makes accessing the audience easier than ever. It has different communicational tools and can provide more accurate geographical and temporal information of the users. Considering the advantages of mobile marketing, companies and organization who refuse to conduct this kind of marketing will not be successful in their current business world.

There are different methods of mobile marketing which can deliver extraordinary results if chosen and conducted correctly.

Mobile Marketing

01.Web-based mobile marketing

Responsive website designs allow the audience to easily visit the website on their smartphones and gain information about the products or services.

02.Mobile applications

By developing a mobile application in your relevant field, you can inform your audience about your business’s news, special sales, or latest articles.

03.SMS campaign

SMS campaigns can be used to send advertisement messages (product or brand promotion, sales and campaigns), request confirmations, purchase reports etc.

04.Mobile social media

Mobile social media such as Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Line, etc. are nice and low-cost channels to raise awareness about your brand.

05.Mobile games

Most mobile games can show ads, by choosing popular games and showing your ad through them you can introduce your brand to a vast community.

06.QR codes

QR codes are 2-D images that when scanned, can direct your audience to your website without them even knowing your URL address. By printing the QR code of your website’s address on your product packages, gifts, etc. you can invite them to your website.